An online edition of volumes 1-19 (1983-2002)



The (in)edition Archive is a project of the University of Winnipeg Archives and Records Centre. The Archive consists of on-line images of all issues of the first 19 volumes of the publication, accompanied by searchable indices. As the University's newsletter of record, (in)edition offers news articles, photographs, notices and related material about the University of Winnipeg and the administrators, alumni, faculty, governors, staff, and students who make up its community. In its pages one will find information about Convocations, meetings of governing bodies, research news and events on campus, including musical performances, Wesman teams’ games, and public lectures. (in)edition also provides readers with information about University people including profiles of administrators, faculty, staff and students, appointment notices, and includes the annual ‘Retirement Issue’ which profiles those who have given dedicated service to the University community. In short, (in)edition, is the unique voice of the University and its community. It is hoped that the Archive will provide researchers, University members, alumni and the general public with an easy-to-use history of the University of Winnipeg community.

More recent issues of (in)edition may be viewed at

From volume 24, no. 1 (22 September 2006) onward, (in)edition was available online under the name e-dition. Archived issues of e-dition are available at the same link. The last issue of e-dition was published on December 5, 2007.

Abstracting and Indexing

Every article in (in)edition has been indexed. The indices contain entries for names of persons, events, University departments and bodies (e.g. Board of Regents), campus and external organizations, locations, and subjects. Access to the indices is provided through two search interfaces: simple word search, or an ‘Advanced’ search screen. In addition, there is a brief abstract of each article's content.


The (in)edition Archive was created by the University of Winnipeg Archives & Records Centre during the 2001-02 academic year, using copies of the newsletter from the University Library collection. Miroslaw Bielewicz scanned the material in greyscale at 600 d.p.i. using a Hewlett Packard Scan Jet, then indexed the contents in Microsoft Access. Cheryl Dizon joined the team in the winter of 2002 and edited the indices. John Dobson, of the University of Winnipeg Library Systems Team, provided technical expertise, and wrote the user interface in ColdFusion Markup Language.

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